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Current Research Trends and Perspectives on Solid-State Nanomaterials in Hydrogen Storage

Table 1

Summary of the DOE goals for hydrogen storage in onboard vehicular applications [14].

Storage parameterUnit2025Ultimate

Storage capacities
Gravimetric capacity
Material-based gravimetric capacitykWh/kg1.82.5
System-based gravimetric capacitykg H2/kg system0.0550.065
Volumetric capacity
Material-based volumetric capacitykWh/L1.31.7
System-based volumetric capacitykg H2/L0.040.05
Storage system cost$/kWh net ($/kg H2)9 (300)8 (266)
Operating ambient temperature°C-40/60 (sun)-40/60 (sun)
Min/max delivery temperature°C-40/85-40/85
Min/max delivery pressurebar5/125/12
Cycle life (uptake/release cycles)cycles15001500
System fill time (for 4-10 kg)min3-53-5
Fuel purity (H2 from storage)%H299.97%99.97%