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Hierarchical Network-Augmented Hydroglasses for Broadband Light Management

Figure 2

Mechanical properties of the hydroglass. (a) Frequency dependent storage modulus (G) and loss modulus (G) moduli of the HNAH. (b) Time–temperature horizontal shift factor () derived from the Arrhenius equation. (c) Nominal stress-strain curves of the original HNAH and the self-healing sample. (d) Schematic illustration of the notch-sensitive behavior of conventional glasses crosslinked by single-layer of chemical bonds and notch-insensitive behavior of the HNAH crosslinked by local polymer aggregation domains. (e) Cyclic stretching a notched HNAH sample and the strain mapping. (f) A comparison among this work and previously reported smart windows based on nanostructured hydrogels [28], microgel-reinforced hydrogels [28], liquid crystals [7], elastomers [27], and metal oxides [6].