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Recent Advances in Self-Powered Electrochemical Systems

Figure 2

Self-powered electrochemical pollutant treatment: (a) sketch map of rotary TENG; insert displays the pictures of stator and rotator; (b) SP system for removing Cr(VI) powered by rectified TENG; (c) the comparison of charge consumption for Cr(VI) removal under different conditions [50]; (d) sketch map of the rotary TENG; (e, f) the mechanism image and optical image of SP electrochemical system for cupric ions and rhodamine B removal; (g) removal efficiency of cupric ions and rhodamine B [54]; (h) sketch map of the triboelectric negative air ion generator; (i, j) the contrast photographs of the smog cleaning by the MSNG in stationary conditions (i) and with the FS-TENG conducting at 0.25 Hz (j) [63].