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Recent Advances in Self-Powered Electrochemical Systems

Figure 4

Self-powered electrochemical sensor: (a) fabrication process and the structure of the TENG; (b) selectivity of the SP electrochemical sensor for testing Hg2+ ions. Inset shows the sensitivity of Hg2+ ions detection [93]. (c, d) Sketch map and the fabrication process of the TENG; (e) sensitivity of the SP active sensor in supervising dopamine. Insets show the structure of designed TENG and proportional relation between output performance of TENG and the concentration of dopamine [94]. (f) Sketch map of the blow-driven TENG; (g) a schematic illustration the blow-driven TENG using as an SP breath analyzer; (h) response curve of the measured gas in terms of output voltage. Inset is the schematic illustration of a self-power breath analyzer; (i, j) voltage signals of the system with warning alarm by a person before and after drinking alcohol [95].