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Kilometers Long Graphene-Coated Optical Fibers for Fast Thermal Sensing

Figure 2

Direct measurement of the thermal response along the GCF. (a) From top to bottom, the thermal images when heating the GCF and the silica fiber 0 s, 0.1 s, and 1 s. Here, the yellow arrow marks the heating point, and the blue arrow marks the point 6 mm away from the heater. Color bar: temperature, 24°C to 25°C. (b) Measured temperature at the point 6 mm away from the heater (see blue arrow in (a)). Upper panel: GCF; bottom panel: commercial silica fiber. Here, the black dashed lines highlight . (c) Examples that the GCF measures fast thermal oscillations in varied waveforms. From left to right: sinusoidal, triangle, and square.