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Kilometers Long Graphene-Coated Optical Fibers for Fast Thermal Sensing

Figure 4

Performance of the GCF in distributed temperature sensing based on φ-OTDR. (a) Experimental setup; here, a commercial φ-OTDR instrument provides the pump laser and detects the reflected Rayleigh backscattering. A section of GCF is linked in a 5 km long fiber system, and we heat two separate points simultaneously. Spatial resolution of this φ-OTDR is 1 m. (b) Measured temperature dynamics of 1 m long GCF (at the 3 km location) and 1 m long silica fiber (at the 4 km location), respectively. (c) Temporal response of the GCF (top panel) and the silica fiber (bottom panel) from 0 s to 50 s. (d) Fast sensing performance of the GCF by repeated measurements. (e) Comparison of the fast sensing performance between the GCF and the silica fiber.