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Multidimensional Information Encryption and Storage: When the Input Is Light

Figure 6

(a) Fluorescent 3D structures based on two fluorescent photoresists with blue and green emission and the individual -slices of the 3D image stacked at different depths ( value). (b) Schematic illustration of the patterning mechanism of gold nanorods (upper) and five-dimensional optical information storage controlled by the combination of wavelength, polarization, and depth (down). (c) Three types of luminescent images of orthogonal excitation-emission UCNPs by changing wavelength or power density. (d) Four different images of the QR code displayed under four different lighting conditions dependent on the angle and the power. Reproduced with permissions: (a) from [104], Copyright 2017, Wiley-VCH; (b) from [31], Copyright 2009, Springer Nature; (c) from [29], Copyright 2016, Wiley-VCH; (d) from [30], Copyright 2016, Wiley-VCH.