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Multidimensional Information Encryption and Storage: When the Input Is Light

Table 1

Pros and cons of six-dimensional features of the input light for multidimensional information encryption and storage.


Wavelength(1) Easy to prepare
(2) Suitable for pattern printing
(1) Photoluminescence stability
(2) Background interference
(3) Light source
(4) Mixing problem

Duration(1) Dynamic
(2) Information only for single-time read
(3) Suitable for pattern printing
(1) Information relevance
(2) Longer readout time
(3) Adaptable

Phase(1) Difficult to counterfeit
(2) Easy to read
(3) High-level information security
(1) Complex design
(2) Nanofabrication
(3) Cost

Polarization(1) Difficult to counterfeit
(2) High-level information security
(1) Complex design
(2) Nanofabrication
(3) Cost
(4) Requires polarizer (quarter-wave plate)

DepthHigh-density information storage(1) Requires a device with good -axis resolution
(2) Low efficiency for information readout

Power(1) Easy to modulate
(2) Suitable for pattern printing
High power to induce information damage

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