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Hybrid Triboelectric Nanogenerators: From Energy Complementation to Integration

Figure 6

Theoretical comparison and hybrid operation of thermoelectric generator and pyroelectric nanogenerator: (a) the working principle of thermoelectric generator; (b) the working principle of pyroelectric nanogenerator; (c) a 2D rotary triboelectric–thermoelectric hybrid nanogenerator (TTENG) [98] (reproduced with permission. Copyright John Wiley and Sons, 2018); (d) electromagnetic-triboelectric-thermoelectric hybridized nanogenerator [95] (reproduced with permission. Copyright Elsevier, 2016); (e) a triboelectric and pyroelectric hybrid energy harvester for recovering energy from low-grade waste fluids [96] (reproduced with permission. Copyright Elsevier, 2020); (f) triboelectric–pyroelectric–piezoelectric hybrid cell [97] (reproduced with permission. Copyright John Wiley and Sons, 2015).