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Highly Dynamic Polynuclear Metal Cluster Revealed in a Single Metallothionein Molecule

Figure 2

Characterization of single MT molecule by AFM-SMFS unfolding experiments. (a) Scheme of the AFM experiment shows the unfolding events of the two domains in MT. The unfolding of six GB1 (gray circle) at last is omitted for simplicity. (b) Representative force-extension unfolding curves of different forms of Zn-MT polyprotein from the one-step unfolding of αMT with of 11 nm, βMT with of 9 nm, and GB1 with of 18 nm (curve 1 for Zn-MT, 2 for Apo-MT, 3 for Zn-αMT, and 4 for Zn-βMT. (c) histogram of the corresponding protein construct indicates the three distributions for the one-step unfolding of αMT and βMT. The bin size is 1 nm. Raw data for (c) is provided as a source data file.