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Highly Dynamic Polynuclear Metal Cluster Revealed in a Single Metallothionein Molecule

Figure 3

The multiple two-step rupture scenario of the Zn4S11 cluster in αMT detected by single-molecule AFM. (a) Scheme of αMT metal-binding cysteines. (b) Representative curves of the four different two-step rupture pathways of αMT. The two peaks from the rupture of the Zn4S11 cluster are fitted by a dashed line and enlarged for clarity. The sum of their value (11-12 nm) is written in green. (c) histogram of all two-step ruptures of αMT shows a broad and continuous distribution from 1 to 10 nm. The bin size is 0.4 nm. (d) histogram of αMT for each rupture pathway corresponding to curves shown in (b). Raw data for (c) and (d) are provided as a source data file.