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Highly Dynamic Polynuclear Metal Cluster Revealed in a Single Metallothionein Molecule

Figure 6

Comparison of unfolding kinetics for αMT with an M4S11 metal cluster and Rd with an MS4 metal center. Semilogarithmic representation of the rupture force of Zn-αMT (a), Cd-αMT (b), Zn-Rd (c), and Cd-Rd (d) as a function of the loading rate. Gray dots represent cluster break events, and black diamonds represent the most probable rupture force under five different force-loading rate intervals between 1000 and 300,000 pN s-1. The black line represents the linear fit to the five force values based on the Bell-Evans model. Fitted parameters and are shown in legend boxes for each protein. The dashed line is a hypothetic fitting with a larger or smaller value to indicate the accuracy of our fitting.