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Dense Hydrogen-Bonding Network Boosts Ionic Conductive Hydrogels with Extremely High Toughness, Rapid Self-Recovery, and Autonomous Adhesion for Human-Motion Detection

Figure 4

Simulation and calculation results of high stretchability of PAM-r-MVIC with a dense hydrogen-bonding network. (a) DPD model of PAM-r-MVIC with 5 graft arms (, denoted by 05/NB hydrogen-bonding system). (b) Stress-strain curves and (c) order parameters of molecular chain for PAM-r-MVIC with an increase of hydrogen-bonding contents under stretching. (d) Calculated MSD as a function of time for various PAM-r-MVIC (, 8, 11, and 17). (e) Schematic illustration of the orientation of hydrogen bonds and molecular chains during the stretching and recovery process.