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Starvation-Sensitized and Oxygenation-Promoted Tumor Sonodynamic Therapy by a Cascade Enzymatic Approach

Figure 1

Fabrication and characterization of GOD/CAT@ZPF-Lips. (a) Schematics of GOD/CAT@ZPF-Lips fabrication. (b) TEM image of fresh ZPF-Lips, scale bar 200 nm. (c) TEM image of GOD/CAT@ZPF-Lips, scale bar 200 nm. (d) Hydrodynamic diameters of ZPF-Lips and GOD/CAT@ZPF-Lips in PBS as measured by DLS. (e) UV-Vis absorbance spectra of ZPF-Lips, GOD/CAT@ZPF, GOD/CAT@ZPF-Lips (where GOD and CAT are labeled with FITC and RB, respectively, and HMME is encapsulated into liposomes). (f) Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectra of different complexes. (g) XRD patterns of ZPF-Lips, GOD@ZPF-Lips, CAT@ZPF-Lips, and GOD/CAT@ZPF-Lips.