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Starvation-Sensitized and Oxygenation-Promoted Tumor Sonodynamic Therapy by a Cascade Enzymatic Approach

Figure 2

In vitro catalytic performance of GOD/CAT@ZPF-Lips. (a) Relative ABTS oxidation activities of ZPF-Lips, fresh GOD, and GOD@ZPF-Lips using a colorimetric assay based on a Cyt c-coupled system (). (b) UV-Vis spectra of H2O2 generated in the glucose solution (10 mM) after the reactions in the presences of ZPF-Lips, GOD, and GOD@ZPF-Lips at different time points (, independent experiments). (c) Catalytic activities of GOD@ZPF-Lips and GOD/CAT@ZPF-Lips based on the consumption kinetics of glucose. (d) The UV-Vis absorbances of RDPP in different reaction systems at varied time points (where the concentration of H2O2 is ). (e) ROS-induced changes in the absorption of DPBF at 450 nm in different reaction systems, A0 is the initial absorbance of DPBF probe. (f) ESR spectra of different reaction systems showing the singlet oxygen generations under different treatments. (g) Fluorescence images of O2 generation in 4T1 cells in a hypoxic setting (i.e., N2 atmosphere) treated in different conditions, scale bar 100 μm. (h) Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) images of 4T1 cells stained with SOSG after treating in different conditions in a H2O2 supplied setting, scale bar 100 μm.