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Starvation-Sensitized and Oxygenation-Promoted Tumor Sonodynamic Therapy by a Cascade Enzymatic Approach

Figure 4

(a) CLSM images of 4T1 cells stained by glucose uptake and transport probe 2-NBDGT1, and the corresponding mean fluorescence intensities (scale bar: 20 μm) upon treated with different amounts of GOD@ZPF-Lips. (b) Schematic illustration of the reversible conversion of JC-1 monomer into J-aggregate accompanied by increased ΔΨm. (c) Relative amounts of J-aggregate and JC-1 monomer in the mitochondria of 4T1 cells after different treatments. (d) Hyperpolarization/depolarization of mitochondria in cancer cells as indicated by the semiquantitative determination of ΔΨm. (e) CLSM images of 4T1 cells after treated in different conditions for 8 h and subsequently stained with cellular senescence probe SPiDER-βGal (scale bar: 20 μm). Data are expressed as (). (f) Flow cytometry analyses for characterizing the apoptosis of Annexin V-FITC/PI-stained 4T1 cells treated under different conditions.