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Quantifying Information via Shannon Entropy in Spatially Structured Optical Beams

Figure 2

The Shannon-Groenewold information as a function of total energy (8) for one-dimensional (a) /Gauss mode (black), (dashed-yellow), and (dotted-green), and two-dimensional (b) theoretically predicted (black) and experimental (dashed-blue) Gauss mode, experimentally measured (long-dashed-green) and theoretically predicted (dot-dashed-red) with the corresponding error bands resulting from the errors on fit parameters shown in light-red; see Section 3 for details. One notices the overall tendency for the amount of information to increase with the growth of the overall complexity of the corresponding optical signal. Also, the drop in the amount of information inferred from the experiment as compared to the theoretical curve is attributed to the SLM’s beam conversion efficiency and expected information loss during the propagation in free space.