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Quantifying Information via Shannon Entropy in Spatially Structured Optical Beams

Figure 3

On the way to measuring the amount of information in optical beams. The intensity distributions of the EM beams are captured by a SHS. The algorithm for simulated data sets and the fits is based on Equations (21) and (22). The experimental data are averaged over 4 Laguerre-Gaussian samples (left) and 10 Gaussian samples (right) with the SHS’s sampling rate of 18 fps (black-starred scatter plot) and over the four quadrants in the beam intensity profile. In 2D color maps, measurement data is shown in gray scale, simulation is depicted in orange-red scale, and shaded regions are symmetry-based extrapolations. The measurement fits are shown in solid-red curves with the Gaussian model (right) using the WDF in Equation (4), and Laguerre-Gauss (LG) model (left) in Equation (18). The measured data are shown as black stars with the corresponding error bars. All the presented plots depict normalized intensity .