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Self-Navigated 3D Acoustic Tweezers in Complex Media Based on Time Reversal

Figure 4

Time-reversal-based acoustic tweezers through SIAT baffle: (a) schematic of trapping the PDMS particle through the SIAT baffle using the time-reversal-based method; (b) the geometric dimensions of the SIAT baffle; (c, d) optical images of the trapped particle (dyed red) through the baffle in the top and side view, respectively; (e, j) simulated received signals of all elements from a virtual point source in the free field and through the baffle, respectively; (f, k) (f, k) transmitted trapping signals obtained from signals (e) and (j) using the time-reversal-based method, respectively; (g, l) simulated 3D beam profiles are generated after exciting the array with the signals (f) and (k), respectively, to emit acoustic waves through the SIAT baffle; (h, m) simulated beam profiles at the focal plane (60 mm from the array surface) in (g) and (l), respectively; (i, n) experimental results corresponding to (h) and (m), respectively. The signals of the same channel (No. 168) were extracted for comparison in (e–j) and (k). Particle trapping through the baffle is shown in Movie S3. Scale bars in (h), (i), (m), and (n) are 5 mm, and the rest are 10 mm.