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Millimeter-Wave Bat for Mapping and Quantifying Micromotions in Full Field of View

Figure 2

Principle and implementation of the mmWBat. (a) Series of multiple chirps (i.e., sweeps) and data flow. The multichannel baseband signals can be arranged and represented to be a three-dimensional matrix. For per channel, fast time corresponds to the sampling baseband signal of each chirp and slow time corresponds to multiple chirps along time. : sweep period; : transmitted bandwidth. (b) Schematic of multitarget imaging heat map of the mmWBat. Different colors represent different signal strengths. (c) Flow chart of quantifying micromotions of full-field targets. (d) Schematic of micromotion displacement extraction across multiple sweeps in range-angle joint dimension (one target is shown as an example). dim-1: range-dimension; dim-2: angle-dimension.