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Space-Time-Coding Digital Metasurfaces: Principles and Applications

Figure 2

Space-time-coding digital metasurfaces and their applications in harmonic beam steering and shaping. Reproduced from [110]. (a) Conceptual illustration of a digital coding metasurface, which can simultaneously control the spectral and spatial distributions of EM waves. (b) Photo of the experimental setup and the fabricated prototype. (c) Optimized 2D STC matrix for harmonic beam steering. (d) Equivalent amplitudes and phases for the optimized matrix in (c). (e) The corresponding 1D simulated scattering pattern at various frequencies. (f) Optimized 2D STC matrix for beam shaping. (g) Equivalent amplitudes and phases at the central frequency for the optimized matrix in (f), exhibiting an equivalent 3-bit spiral phase distribution. (h) The corresponding 2D and 3D simulated scattering patterns of vortex beam generation.