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Low-Temperature Photothermal Therapy: Strategies and Applications

Table 1

Strategies for low-temperature PTT for treating bacterial infections and promoting wound healing.

ApplicationsStrategiesAgents for strategiesPTAsReference

AntibiosisAntimicrobial peptidesMagIPDA[58]
NO-enhanced PDTL-Arg and ICGPDA[59]
Antibiotic therapyOfloxacinQCS-MoS2 nanoflakes[60]
Aminoglycoside antibioticsRed phosphorus NPs[61]

Wound healingBioactive ion-mediated treatmentHap nanorodsPDA[65]
HapGO/NCD/Hap films[66]
MSC-based therapyMSCsCuS@BSA NPs[68]