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Electron-Ion Coupling Mechanism to Construct Stable Output Performance Nanogenerator

Figure 2

Schematic view of the coupling of two conductive mechanisms of the SOP-TENGs with different moisture contents. (a) Demonstrated the four important processes of the designed SOP-TENG in one contact-separation cycle, namely, (i) the state of triboelectric pairs (i.e., PDMS and CaCl2-CNF film) in contact with each other, (ii) the process of gradual separation of the triboelectric pairs, (iii) the state of the triboelectric pair separation to the maximum, and (iv) the process of triboelectric pairs gradually approaching each other until they touch each other. Schematic diagrams of charge transfer in the four working processes of the SOP-TENG were shown when the CaCl2-CNF film contained (b) nonmoisture, (c) low moisture, and (d) high moisture.