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Electron-Ion Coupling Mechanism to Construct Stable Output Performance Nanogenerator

Figure 3

Electrical measurements of  cm2 screen-printed electrode size SOP-TENG using a 6 Hz stable vibration platform. (a) Power output on the resistor (i.e., load) connecting to the fabricated SOP-TENG. When the resistance was raised from 0 to 100 MΩ, the power value increased at first and then dropped. The power was maximized for a 40 MΩ external resistance, which equals the internal resistance of SOP-TENG. (b) The voltage profile of a 1 μF capacitor was measured when charging by SOP-TENG, revealing the mean power of the device. (c, d) Voltage and the current waveforms of the SOP-TENG, respectively. (e) Electrometer and oscilloscope measured the amount of charge transferred by the fabricated SOP-TENG via a full-wave rectifier bridge during (f) one contact-separation cycle.