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MXene-Integrated Microneedle Patches with Innate Molecule Encapsulation for Wound Healing

Figure 2

Fabrication and characterization of hybrid microneedle patch. (a) Schematic diagram showing the fabrication of microneedle patches. (b) Optical image of the MXene-integrated hydrogel microneedle patch. (c) Microscopy image magnifying the morphology of microneedle array. (d) Scanning electron microscope (SEM) image of the microneedle patch. (e) Uniformity statistics of the microneedle array. (f) Stress-strain curves of the hydrogel patch mixed with different concentrations of PBA. (g) Compressive force test of the microneedle patch. Scale bars are 4 mm in (b), 400 μm in (c), and 200 μm in (d).