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Liquid Metal-Based Epidermal Flexible Sensor for Wireless Breath Monitoring and Diagnosis Enabled by Highly Sensitive SnS2 Nanosheets

Figure 3

NO gas sensing performance of the LM@SnS2-based sensor. (a) Comparing the voltammetric curves of our SnS2@LM electrode and a commercially available Ag/Pd electrode. (b) Dynamic response to NO gas concentrations ranging from 15 ppb to 200 ppb at room temperature. (c) Linear regression of sensitivity versus concentration data. (d) Measured cross-talk of the sensor to NO and other exhaled interfering gases. (e) Sensing performance of the device when simultaneously exposed to 50 ppb NO and another exhaled interfering gases at various concentrations. (f) Sensing behavior with 200 ppb NO gas for relative humidities ranging from 60% to 90%. (g) The platform used for flexibility testing. (h) The dynamic response to 250 ppb NO gas at different angles of bending.