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Liquid Metal-Based Epidermal Flexible Sensor for Wireless Breath Monitoring and Diagnosis Enabled by Highly Sensitive SnS2 Nanosheets

Figure 5

Possible breath monitoring and diagnoses using our epidermal wireless device in combination with the proposed cloud-based health care concept. (a) Monitoring of respiratory patterns (flow rate) using the epidermal LM@SnS2 sensor showing different breathing modes: normal breath, rapid breath, deep breath, and holding breath. (b) Simulating the sensing performance for different concentrations of NO. Note how the sensitivity reverses from negative to positive for NO concentrations ≥75 ppb. (c) Sensitivity as a function of different exhaled NO concentrations. (d) The epidermal wireless device and (e) the block diagram for data processing and delivery (the red numbers indicate the components enumerated in the inset of (d)). (f–h) Illustrating the concept of cloud-based multichannel telemonitoring of respiration; (f) placement on a volunteer; (g) example real-time breath monitoring showing the graphical user interface; (h) schematic illustrating the cloud-based remote diagnosis and monitoring approach.