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Robust Carbonated Structural Color Barcodes with Ultralow Ontology Fluorescence as Biomimic Culture Platform

Figure 7

(a) Schematic of the C@SiO2 barcodes in capturing and detecting multiple types of cells; three types of barcode particles that exhibit red (A), green (B), and blue (C) structural colors were modified with three types of targeted probes (A’, B’, C’) and multitarget red (A”), (B”), and (C”) fluorescence-stained cells, respectively. (b) Schematic of the C@SiO2 beads used for capturing 5-8F cells; the surface of the beads is decorated with PLL molecular. (c) FESEM images of PLL-coated C@SiO2 beads after cell culture for six days: (i) surface particles, (ii) captured 5-8F cell, and (iii) the appearance. The insert scale bar is 500 nm for (i), 5 μm for (ii), and 100 μm for (iii). (d) Microphotograph and fluorescence microscopy images of C@SiO2 beads with captured 5-8F cells, including Hoechst 33342 for staining cell nucleus, DiO for staining cell membrane, and merged images of Hoechst 33342 and DiO. The insert scale bar is 100 μm.