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Room-Temperature Phosphorescent Organic-Doped Inorganic Frameworks Showing Wide-Range and Multicolor Long-Persistent Luminescence

Figure 1

(a) Doped structures of Cd-TFTPA/NH4F, Cd/Mn-TFTPA/NH4F, Cd/Pb-TFTPA/NH4F, and Zn-TFTPA/NH4F samples as well as their corresponding long-persistent emission images under various excitation wavelengths. (b) The proposed mechanism of hybrid material for multicolor ultralong phosphorescence with the change of excitation wavelengths. The triplet excitons are generated from the singlet excitons through the intersystem crossing, enabling molecular phosphorescence owing to the strict suppression of the molecular motion by the inorganic matrix framework. The formation of different arrangements and stacking modes can induce different triplet excitons and lead to different phosphorescence.