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Room-Temperature Phosphorescent Organic-Doped Inorganic Frameworks Showing Wide-Range and Multicolor Long-Persistent Luminescence

Figure 3

Photoluminescence characterization of Cd/Mn-TFTPA/NH4F powder under ambient conditions. (a) The URTP spectra of the Cd/Mn-TFTPA/NH4F powder under the excitation at 260 nm (blue) and 360 nm (red), respectively. (b) Excitation-phosphorescence mapping of powder under ambient conditions. (c, d) Decay curves of Cd/Mn-TFTPA/NH4F at 417 nm, 520 nm, and 614 nm. (e) Excitation-dependent phosphorescence spectra of Cd/Mn-TFTPA/NH4F. (f) CIE coordinate diagram of Cd/Mn-TFTPA/NH4F by changing the excitation wavelengths.