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Fractal Design Boosts Extrusion-Based 3D Printing of Bone-Mimicking Radial-Gradient Scaffolds

Figure 6

Mechanical properties of the PLGA scaffolds with a lay-down pattern of 0°/90°, 0 iterations, and 3 iterations. (a) Schematic diagram of uniaxial compression experiment. (b) Experiment and FEA simulation of uniaxial compression of the porous scaffolds and relationship between the compressive modulus and the NCP. (c) The local NCP of the porous scaffolds with three different graded constructs at the same porosity. (d)-(f) Von-Mises stress distribution in FEA models with three porous structures, which are the lay-down pattern of 0°/90°, 0-iteration fractal-like structure, and 3-iteration fractal-like structure from left to right, respectively.