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Superlow Power Consumption Artificial Synapses Based on WSe2 Quantum Dots Memristor for Neuromorphic Computing

Figure 2

(a, b) Distribution histogram and Gaussian fitted curves of set and reset voltage. (c) Statistics of high and low resistance over 100 cycles. The read voltage is 0.2 V. (d) The ratios of / of Ag/WSe2 QDs/LSMO/STO device. (e) Retention data at HRS and LRS of the device in the room temperature. The read voltage is 0.5 V. (f) The cumulative probability plot of the HRS and LRS. (g) and (h) are the linear fitted curves of LRS and HRS by , demonstrating the trap-assisted tunneling (TAT) conduction mechanism. (i) and (j) are the fitted curves of LRS and HRS by formulas (1)–(3). (k) The density of states of pristine WSe2 and the five defect models. The corresponding crystal structures are also shown. The dark green, light green, and gray balls represent upper layer Se atoms, lower layer Se atoms, and W atoms, respectively; “” represents defect sites.