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Mussel-Inspired and Bioclickable Peptide Engineered Surface to Combat Thrombosis and Infection

Figure 1

Fabrication of Cu-DOTA&AMP surface with anticoagulation and antibacterial properties. (a) Chemical structure of the clickable mussel-inspired peptide [(DOPA)4-azide, Ac-(DOPA)-Gly-(DOPA)-(Lys-PEG5-Azide)-(DOPA)-Gly-(DOPA)-COOH)], DBCO-modified antimicrobial peptide (DBCO-AMP), and DBCO-capped NO catalyst (Cu-DOTA-DBCO). (b) Surface cografting on representative medical devices through mussel-inspired catechol-amine reaction and bioorthogonal click chemistry. (c) Realization of anticoagulation and synergistic antibacterial properties of Cu-DOTA&AMP surface.