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Implantable Thermal Therapeutic Device with Precise Temperature Control Enabled by Foldable Electronics and Heat-Insulating Pads

Figure 1

Design concept, layout, and optical images of the implantable thermal therapeutic device (ITTD). (a) Desired features of an ideal ITTD for thermal therapy. (b) Design concept of the ITTD with precise temperature control capability enabled by a multifunctional foldable electronic device wrapped on a heating-insulating composite pad. (c) Optical images of (top) the unheating surface and (bottom) heating surface of the ITTD. (d) Optical and microscopic images of the multifunctional foldable electronic device consisting of an in situ heater/temperature sensor and a top temperature sensor. (e, f) Optical image of the folded device with a close-up view. (g, h) Maximum principal strain profiles in external PI layer and inner metal layer. (i) Optical image of the heat-insulating pads. (j) Thermal images of the unheating surfaces of the PDMS, G-PDMS, and G-HGM heat-insulating pads.