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Material Engineering in Gut Microbiome and Human Health

Figure 7

Oral delivery of coated bacteria for additive therapy. (a) Morphological comparison of naked bacteria (a, scale bar: 1 μm) and biofilm-coated bacteria (b, scale bar: 1 μm), and their acid stability (A1 and B1, TEM, scale bar: 1 μm, quantification shown in C1), mucoadhesive properties (A2 and B2, gram staining, scale bar: 100 μm, quantification shown in C2), and restriction of bacteria growth (A3 and B3, green indicates S. aureus staining, quantification shown in C3). (d) Three common strategies of bacterial coating for potential oral delivery applications and gut microbiota modulation, including synthetic polymers, biopolymers, and inorganic coating methods. Images adapted from reference [257], AAAS.