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Intralayer Phonons in Multilayer Graphene Moiré Superlattices

Figure 1

Raman spectra and the schematic of BZ in . (a) Raman spectroscopy of LG with a twist angle () of 11.3° and its constituents excited by 1.96 eV. Spectra in parallel (VV) and crossed (HV) configurations are also shown. (b) Schematic structure of where the 1LG (green) sits on the top of the 3LG (red) with . Vectors L1 and L2 define the supercell. (c) The reciprocal lattice of . and are the reciprocal vectors of the bottom 3LG (top 1LG), whereas and are those of . Small hexagons represent the reciprocal Wigner-Seitz cells of moiré superlattices in .