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Downregulation of circ-ZNF609 Promotes Heart Repair by Modulating RNA N6-Methyladenosine-Modified Yap Expression

Figure 7

Schematic for our proposed mechanism of circ-ZNF609 in regulating heart repair. Downregulation of circ-ZNF609 contributes to heart repair via modulating the crosstalk between Hippo-YAP and Akt signaling. Mechanistically, circ-ZNF609 binds to YTHDF3, and RNA m6A modification is involved in the regulatory role of circ-ZNF609 in YAP. Knockdown of circ-ZNF609 decreases the expression of YTHDF3 and further fine-tuned the accessibility of Yap mRNA to YTHDF1 and YTHDF2 to regulate YAP expression.