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Nanozyme-Triggered Cascade Reactions from Cup-Shaped Nanomotors Promote Active Cellular Targeting

Figure 2

The preparation and characterization of GNCs-Pt. (a) Schematic representation of the preparation of GNCs-Pt. (b) UV-vis spectra of GNCs (red) and GNCs-Pt (green). Dark-field optical microscopic (c), SEM (d), and TEM (e) images of GNCs-Pt. (f) HAADF-STEM images and corresponding elemental maps of GNCs-Pt. (g) Size distribution of GNCs (red, ) and GNCs-Pt (green, ) determined by SEM images (based on 150 particles). Data are represented as . (h) Single-particle scattering spectra of GNCs (red) and GNCs-Pt (green). The gray line is the fitted curve based on Gaussian function. (i) The polarization-dependent scattering response (green circles) from a single GNC-Pt as a function of the angle relative to the optical axis of the polarizer. (j) Zeta potential of hexadecyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) stabilized PbS NPs (blue, ), GNCs (red, ), and GNCs-Pt (green, ). Inset: schematic diagrams of corresponding nanomaterials.