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Nanozyme-Triggered Cascade Reactions from Cup-Shaped Nanomotors Promote Active Cellular Targeting

Figure 3

The POD-like activity of GNCs-Pt. (a) Schematic illustration of the POD-like activity of GNCs-Pt with TMB as the substrate. (b) Optical images of the oxTMB produced under different catalytic conditions for 30 min. (I) TMB + H2O2, (II) GNCs - Pt + H2O2 + TMB, (III) GNCs - Pt +TMB, (IV) GNCs + H2O2 + TMB, (V) GNCs + TMB. (c) The TMB oxidation reactions in GNCs or GNCs-Pt solutions with and without H2O2 (1%) in the disodium hydrogen phosphate-citric acid buffer (0.1 M, pH 3.0). , , . (d) and (e) Effects of the concentrations of GNCs-Pt and H2O2 on the POD-like activity.