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Nanozyme-Triggered Cascade Reactions from Cup-Shaped Nanomotors Promote Active Cellular Targeting

Figure 6

The ROS generation and photothermal properties of GNCs-Pt-ICG/Tf. (a) Schematic illustration of the mechanism of GNCs-Pt-ICG/Tf for synergistic PDT/PTT upon NIR laser irradiation via a cascade reaction. (b)–(d) The ROS generation ability of GNCs-Pt-ICG/Tf with SOSG as an indicator. (b) GNCs-Pt-ICG/Tf in the presence of H2O2 (1%) with and without 808 nm laser. (c) GNCs-Pt-ICG/Tf in the absence of H2O2 with and without 808 nm laser. (d) GNCs-Pt-ICG/Tf and free ICG in different conditions. ; ; laser: 808 nm, 2 W/cm2. (e)–(g) Photothermal properties of GNCs-Pt-ICG/Tf and GNCs-ICG/Tf. (e) Temperature evaluation of GNCs-Pt-ICG/Tf, GNCs-ICG/Tf, PBS, and deionized water with 808 nm laser irradiation for different times. (f) A plot of versus time obtained from the cooling period for 15 min. (g) The photostability of GNCs-Pt-ICG/Tf and GNCs-ICG/Tf in PBS with 808 nm laser on and off for five cycles. ; PBS: 10 mM, ; laser: 808 nm, 2 W/cm2.