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Smartphone-Based Photoelectrochemical Immunoassay with Co9S8@ZnIn2S4 for Point-of-Care Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Biomarker

Figure 1

(a, e) SEM and TEM images of Co(CO3)0.35Cl0.20(OH)1.10. (b, f) SEM and TEM images of Co9S8. (c, g) SEM and TEM images of Co9S8@ZnIn2S4. (d) HAADF-STEM and (h) elemental mapping of Co9S8@ZnIn2S4. (i) XRD patterns of ZnIn2S4 and Co9S8@ZnIn2S4. (i) XPS survey spectra of Co9S8, ZnIn2S4, and Co9S8@ZnIn2S4; high-resolution XPS spectra of (k) Co 2p and (l) S 2p.