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trans-2-Enoyl-CoA Reductase Tecr-Driven Lipid Metabolism in Endothelial Cells Protects against Transcytosis to Maintain Blood-Brain Barrier Homeostasis

Figure 4

Key signaling pathways governed the barrier function. (a) Volcano plots were used to display the magnitude of the differential expression between control and TecrKD ECs. per group. (b)–(d) Heatmap showed the expression level of EC transporters-related genes (b), permeability-related genes (c), and cell-to-cell junction-related genes (d), compared with control and TecrKD ECs. (e) Representative of BBB-related genes from transcriptome analysis was reconfirmed by RT-qPCR. , , . Data are expressed as . Unpaired Student’s -test.