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Electronic Orbital Alignment and Hierarchical Phonon Scattering Enabling High Thermoelectric Performance p-Type Mg3Sb2 Zintl Compounds

Figure 3

Temperature-dependent electrical properties of Mg2.95-yNa0.01ZnySb2: (a) electrical conductivity (the inset shows the room temperature electrical conductivity), (b) Seebeck coefficient (the inset shows the room temperature Seebeck coefficient), (c) carrier concentration -dependent Seebeck coefficient of Mg2.99-xNa0.01Sb2, Mg2.95-yNa0.01ZnySb2 and the previously reported data at room temperature [37, 39, 40], where the solid line was calculated based on the SPB model (the inset shows the DOS effective mass of Mg2.95-yNa0.01ZnySb2 calculated by the SPB model), and (d) temperature-dependent power factor PF of Mg2.95-yNa0.01ZnySb2 and some representative p-type Mg3Sb2 materials [37, 39, 40, 42, 46].