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Li-Ca Alloy Composite Anode with Ant-Nest-Like Lithiophilic Channels in Carbon Cloth Enabling High-Performance Li Metal Batteries

Figure 4

(a) The long-term cycling stabilities of symmetric cells with LCAC anode (blue), LiCa anode (red), or LiC anode (black) under various testing conditions (1 mA cm-2, 1 mA h cm-2; 3 mA cm-2, 3 mA h cm-2; 5 mA cm-2, 5 mA h cm-2). The impedance spectra, the fitted lines, and the equivalent circuit of LCAC, LiCa, and LiC symmetric cells (b) before and (c) after 100 cycles with 3 mA h cm-2 at 3 mA cm-2. (d) Cycling lifespans of symmetrical cells with LCAC anode compared to previously reported carbon-based Li composite anodes in terms of current density, cycle time, and areal capacity.