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Platelet Membrane-Coated Nanocarriers Targeting Plaques to Deliver Anti-CD47 Antibody for Atherosclerotic Therapy

Figure 3

(a) Morphology of nanoparticles observed by TEM. Left: MSN; right: PMSN (scale  nm). (b) Particle size of platelet, platelet vesicle, MSN, and PMSN measured by DLS. (c) Zeta potential of platelet, platelet vesicle, MSN, and PMSN. (d) CLSM images of PMSN internalization by cells (used for localizing platelet and MSN), the nucleus (blue), platelet shell (green), and MSN core (red) (scale μm). (e) The anti-CD47 antibody loading capacity and (f) encapsulation efficiency in aCD47@MSN and aCD47@PMSN (). (g) In vitro anti-CD47 antibody release in aCD47@PMSN and aCD47@MSN. (h) Proteins in platelet vesicles and PMSN were characterized by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. (i) Western blot analysis of CD47 in platelet vesicles and PMSN. (j) CLSM images of MSN-RITC, PMSN-RITC, and aCD47@PMSN-RITC phagocytosed by RAW264.7 macrophages at different time points (scale μm). (k) Pharmacokinetic studies of aCD47@MSN and aCD47@PMSN in adult male BALB/c mice.