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Platelet Membrane-Coated Nanocarriers Targeting Plaques to Deliver Anti-CD47 Antibody for Atherosclerotic Therapy

Figure 5

(a) Anti-CD47 antibody and aCD47@PMSN promote efferocytosis of vascular cells after exposure to a proatherosclerotic environment. (b) Pathological detections on the sections of aortic roots from ApoE−/− mice after various treatments (Oil Red O and H&E) (all tissues: 200x). (c) A local enlarged view corresponding to (b) (Oil Red O) (all tissues: 1600x). (d) Quantitative data of the atherosclerotic plaque area in the aortic root sections (PBS: , aCD47: , aCD47@MSN: , aCD47@PMSN: ). , , , , and . ns: no significance.