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Mechanically Reinforced Silkworm Silk Fiber by Hot Stretching

Figure 1

Hierarchical structure, fabrication process, morphology, and mechanical performance of hot-stretched silk fibers (HSSFs). (a) Illustration showing the hierarchical structures and secondary structures of natural silk. (b) Hot stretching process and the secondary structure evolution of the silk fibers. (c) SEM images of Control-S and HSSFs. Scale bar, 5 μm. (d) Performance comparison of the as-obtained HSSFs with Araneus diadematus major ampullate (MA) silk fiber (spider SF) and pristine silkworm silk fiber (silkworm SF). (e) Typical stress-strain curves of Araneus diadematus MA silk, silkworm silk (Control-S), and HSSF (7.5%-S). The stress-strain curve of Araneus diadematus MA silk is redrawn from a reference (33).