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The Role of Dihydroresveratrol in Enhancing the Synergistic Effect of Ligilactobacillus salivarius Li01 and Resveratrol in Ameliorating Colitis in Mice

Figure 3

Interactions between RSV and Li01 through in vivo and in vitro studies. (a) Impact of RSV on the growth curve of Li01. (b) Experimental design for investigating the change in gut microbiota at the genus level of conventional mice subjected to different treatments, including RSV, Li01, and RSV+Li01. (c) Experimental design for studying the metabolism of RSV in GF mice before and after colonization with Li01. The Li01 colonies in feces collected on days 4, 7, and 14 in GF mice were shown. (d) Concentration of RSV and its metabolites were measured in feces of GF, conventional mice, and DSS-induced colitis mice (). Data are presented as , , , , and for the comparison.