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A Self-Powered Optogenetic System for Implantable Blood Glucose Control

Figure 4

Validating the functionality of SOS-mediated transgene expression in mammalian cells. (a) Photograph and (b) diagram of the cellular stimulation system. (c) Light intensity of LED changing over time. The light intensity was measured with an optical power meter at the indicated time. (d) Immunofluorescence staining images of HEK-293 cells at 12 h/24 h/48 h after illumination. F-actin (red) and DAPI (blue) (). (e) Viability of cells after FRL illumination. (f) Cell metabolic integrity assay by reporter proteins expression. (g) Activation of the SEAP gene with the SOS. HEK-293 cells transfected with pFR1 and pFR2 were illuminated with FRL LED (730 nm) powered by the PMU. (h) Illumination time–dependent transgene expression with the SOS. (i) Activation of the shGLP-1 gene with the SOS. . Data are expressed as ; independent experiments. values were calculated by two-tailed unpaired -test. n.s: not significant.