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Review Article

Development and Prospect of Chinese Lunar Relay Communication Satellite

Table 1

Major technical performance parameters of Queqiao relay satellite.

ItemMajor parameters

OrbitHalo orbit around EML2 with Z-amplitude of 13000 km
PlatformCAST 100 small satellite platform
Size/mm3 (satellite body)

Attitude controlThree-axis stabilized zero-momentum control
Pointing control accuracy: better than 0.06°
Pointing stability: better than 0.005°/s

PropulsionHydrazine propulsion system with two 70 L tanks
Four 20 N thrusters and twelve 5 N thrusters
Carrying 105 kg propellant can provide more than 550 m/s Δv

PowerOutput power of solar array: >780 W
Capacity of the storage battery: >45 ah

Date rate: 1000 bits/s (uplink)/2048 bits/s (downlink)

Relay communicationsFour links between Queqiao and rover/lander (X band), one link between satellite and earth (S band, X band as backup)
A 4.2 m diameter parabolic antenna is used for communication with the rover and the lander
A spiral antenna is used for S band data transmission
Data rate:125 bits/s (from Queqiao to rover/lander)
1.4/50/280/555 kbits/s (from lander to Queqiao)
0.7/140/285 kbits/s (from rover to Queqiao)
1/2/4/10 Mbits/s (from Queqiao to earth stations, S band or X band)

LifetimeMore than 3 years